Design developer

We’re looking for a skilled designer with a keen sense of digital storytelling to join the Interactive News desk at POLITICO.

This is a wide-ranging role and touches on the full spectrum of our work, including data visualization, enterprise features, tools, databases and more. You’ll play an outsize part in defining the public signature of our team’s work and be one of our most important advocates for reader experience.

Some things you’ll do on the job:

  • Design and code the look and feel of pages and applications alongside developers, graphics reporters and other visual journalists.
  • Anchor our project workflow by prototyping page designs with developers, reporters and editors.
  • Help develop and maintain the Interactive News team’s style guides and libraries and evangelize consistent design principles within the team.
  • Pitch original project ideas and refine pitches from our newsroom as a fully-vested reporting partner.
  • Develop templates for our team and wider newsroom to use to help increase the reach and scale of POLITICO’s visual storytelling.
  • Constantly evaluate the designs you make, using analytics, user experience testing and whatever else can help make us smarter and more thoughtful about design.

The main raw material of our team is data, and you should be comfortable translating data-driven work into compelling visual presentations. You’ll also help us imagine new ways to format our reporting, whether they be non-linear stories, chats or something completely different.

We’d love to see you have:

  • Experience mocking up designs using prototyping software like Figma or Sketch
  • Strong evidence you make consistent color and typography choices across a variety of story formats
  • Experience building or refining web-native data visualizations in Adobe Illustrator, D3 or something else
  • Strong competence with the building blocks of modern web development: HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Familiarity with or willingness to learn modern front-end development frameworks like React and CSS extensions like SCSS or Sass.
  • Comfort working with data and translating key analysis points into compelling visuals

If you have some but not all of these qualities, you should still apply. The ability to learn quickly is far more valuable to our team than what you don't know today.

Be sure to tell us if you have previous experience covering politics, government policy or campaigns or if you have experience in a different industry that you think would give you a unique edge in this job.

This position, like all others on the Interactive News team, is part of the POLITICO newsroom. Your work will be grounded in keen editorial judgment and close working relationships with POLITICO's deeply sourced reporters and editors. A background in journalism is a plus, but not required. A commitment to the editorial goals and standards of our newsroom is a must.

This position will be located in our Rosslyn office, just outside D.C.

Why work on Interactive News

If you're comfortable working with a high degree of autonomy and a wide scope, our team is a unique opportunity.

Because we're small, we have to be radically economical, and we treat that as our advantage. Part of our drive isn't just grinding out the work, but discovering the ways we can do the work better. We often prioritize projects that teach us lessons or give us tools and design patterns we can reuse. We still go toe-to-toe with bigger news organizations, but we're out here trying to moneyball interactive news.

If you like working out in the open, thinking critically about news design, sharing your code as your journalism, we do, too. We're aggressively open source. Spool through our repos to see what we mean. Want to know how we work, you don't have to guess. We open sourced that, too.

We aren't driven by clicks or awards, but we aggressively market our work and take responsibility for our own strategy. If it's unique or innovative or just feels POLITICO, we'll pursue a new approach over a dozen derivative ideas.

We're also invested in our staff's growth, both in their careers and where we can support them beyond the job. We specifically look for projects that will help the team stretch for new skills. We set professional goals regularly and give frequent feedback on them.

Why work at POLITICO

POLITICO’s business model is both profitable and growing. We offer 12-week paid parental leave, a flexible vacation policy, comprehensive benefits to employees and their families, 401(k) matching, commuter subsidy and cell service reimbursement. Our Rosslyn office is home to our much vaunted snack bar and is easily accessible from anywhere in the DMV.

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