What we do

We are a team of journalist-developers working alongside some of the best politics and policy reporters in the country. Our job is loosely defined as broadening POLITICO's report, giving our reporters new tools, finding visual ways to break news and telling our own stories in new ways.

We run elections, build newsroom tools, tackle live coverage, design information graphics, develop dataviz, curate databases and craft immersive features for POLITICO's biggest stories.

Who we are

How we work

Our ideas come from close collaboration with reporters and editors as much as they do from constant conversation within our team. We publish content within the POLITICO CMS and maintain our own platforms to publish our code freely.

We are committed to radical transparency, whether that's broadcasting our process and priorities to our peers or open-sourcing our code.

We work hard, have fun and value work-life balance.

We are constantly refining and reinventing how we work, from the conventions we use in our code to the way we meet together. Everything on this team is in a process of becoming something better and everyone on the team is an equal partner in getting us there.